The group

Fernand Kubina, Marcel Schirmann, Dominique and Etienne Landragin, Francois, Martine and Segolene Thommes, Julien Botinelli, Gregory Haas, Robert Lecaille and Odile Mella, Gilbert Blaising, Guillaume Schmitt, Yannick Le Scouarnec, Brunot Voguet, Vincent Thary, Vincent Palomares and Amelie Bouchot.



As usual, in the Youth Hostel in Grouw which was pretty noisy that year because of a team of young Dutch hockey players.


The Trip

At the end of December 1997, we went directly to Flevoland, at the Praamweg hide to see aurochs "re-created" from the genes of existing bulls, Red Deer and tarpans. After that, we followed the usual route in the north of the Netherlands, along the Friesland islands and back to Flevoland. We covered 1982 km of Dutch roads alltogether.


Most important birds observed




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