The party


I didn't note down any names at the time but I can remember Francois, Segolene and Martine Thommes, Odile Mella and Robert Lecaille, Dominique Landragin and Fernand Kubina were there.



In Grouw, just as in the previous trips.


The trip

During this 2140-km long trip, which we made at the end of December 1993, we tried to reach Grouw as quickly as possible, just stopping here and there for a few observations of course. Then we scanned the Gaast area and took the Ijselmeer dyke to go to Den Helder. The following days, we visited the area around the Lauwersmeer, drove to Holverd, opposite the island of Ameland, and ended the trip in Flevoland.


Mains species observed

Common Eider



Carrion and Hooded Crows

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